All Done, Jesus

Have you ever stopped to evaluate your relationship with Jesus?  Or do you just go through the motions, the ups and downs, getting closer when you need something and further away when things are good?  I’ll be honest, I have never really thought about my relationship with my Lord and Savior as something that I needed to be intentional about.  At least not in the same way that I’m intentional about keeping up with my finances or my work.  I have just always ridden the waves of my relationship with Jesus without thinking much about the big picture.

Well, of course, my two year old, Avy, changed all of that for me yesterday.  She was reading her Bible storybook and singing “Jesus Loves Me” before naptime.  After about ten minutes of that, I said, “Avy, it’s time to put your Bible up and go night night.”  So, she closed her Bible and put it aside.  Then she said, “All done, Jesus.”

I just stood staring at her for a minute, thinking about all the times I have my quiet time or sing praises at church or write blog posts and then say, “All done, Jesus,” so that I can go on with my life.  Talk about a sobering thought. 

It almost brought me to tears to think about the way I treat my Heavenly Father sometimes, like He’s a temporary visitor who leaves when I’m done with Him.  But my God isn’t like that.  He is always with me, even in the moments when I don’t act very much like it.

So I’ve been evaluating my relationship with Jesus over the last twenty four hours and thinking about how I can make it better.  I can, of course, spend time with Him in His word and in prayer.  But it is more than that.  I should see Him as an ever-present part of my life.  I should live like He is always standing right beside me, because He is.

No matter how much I wish I could sometimes, I can’t just put Him on a shelf until the next time that I need Him.  He is not a piggy bank.  He is an all-powerful God.  And just because He loves me and gives me His unfailing mercy and grace does not mean that I should forget what He is capable of.  Not that I should be fearful of Him, but that I should remember in all circumstances that He is God. 

Even in the moments when I’m not actively praying or praising Him, I should be living in a way that glorifies His name.  Every breath that I take is made possible by Him.  So, why don’t I always act like it?  Because I’m human, flawed and sinful.  But God made me and He loves me. 

He also made my precious Avy who so often acts as His voice in my life.  He sees me for who I am.  He knows every day, every way that I will ever fall short of the mark He has set for my life.  And He still loves me and forgives me.

I don’t want to treat Jesus like He is just my quiet time.  I don’t want to do what I have to do and then say, “All done, Jesus.”  I want to be everything that He has made me to be, and it is my prayer that He will patiently continue to work in my life, molding me into the shape of himself.

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