My Not-So-Quiet Time with God

I love to read.  For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed reading.  Almost every day of my life I end with a book in my hand reading for a few minutes before I go to bed.  I used to find it easiest to have my quiet time with God at night.  That was when my life calmed down and I could read my Bible and pray before going to bed.  I am (or at least I was before I had kids) notorious for waking up at the last possible second in the mornings, so nights were better for me.

And before my quiet time I would always read whatever book I was into at the moment.  It is not unusual for me to be reading three or four books at once.  I’ll be reading a self-help book, a fiction novel and a devotional with some magazine articles, poetry and other books sprinkled in.  However, since I had my daughters all of that has changed.

Time for sitting around quietly reading is hard to come by in my house, even right before bed.  I can’t turn on the light in our room because my one-year-old’s crib is in our room now, and my husband is always watching TV in the living room.  There just isn’t a good, quiet place for me to go in our home to read at night.  So, that has been my excuse for a while now.

I have really missed reading, though.  Lately, I have rediscovered my love for reading and am working it into my life once more.  I had forgotten just how much I love to read.  But until recently I was using my new snippets of time to read fiction novels that friends or family members had recommended to me.

I have always thought of my quiet time with God as something that had to be quiet.  And while I’m sure that helps greatly, there just aren’t that many quiet times in my life right now.  What I am learning is that if I pull out God’s word when I have a few minutes and read, He will meet me there.  If I take the five minutes I have in the car alone once a week to pray, He will meet me there.  If I have a total meltdown in the middle of two screaming babies and just start singing praises in the midst of the chaos, He will meet me there.

I don’t have to have a quiet room with the lighting exactly right to have time with God.   I don’t have to plan a time and place to worship.  It doesn’t even have to be quiet when I have time with God.  The important thing isn’t that I have a quiet time with God.  The important thing is that I have time with God.

Now that I have stopped stressing about trying to have the perfect environment to have my quiet time in, I find that my opportunities to be with God are infinite.  He is always here with me and He will meet me where I am if I will just open my eyes, my heart, my mind to Him.  I still try to have a time every day when I sit down with His word and spend time reading about my Heavenly Father, but I no longer stress about it being perfect…or quiet.

I have to be intentional about having time with Him every day, but that doesn’t mean that I have to try to create the perfect environment to meet Him.  He is always here.  He is here in the chaos, just like He is here in the quiet.

I thank God for my love of reading, and for all of the amazing opportunities that love has brought to my life.  I also thank Him for showing me through that love of reading that spending five minutes at a time with Him is just as good as sitting down and spending an hour with Him all at once.  I long for the days when I can have my quiet time at night to read and talk to my Heavenly Father every day, but until those days come I will seek Him in all circumstances and let Him meet me where I am.

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