The Little Prayers

Have you ever prayed a prayer that got answered?  I mean, really, truly, no-doubt-about-it, God gave you an outright answer?  The prayers that get answered explicitly for me, most often, are the small prayers.  The big things that I pray about in my life – life-altering decisions – are usually more of a process that God puts me through.  Not that I don’t get answers, they just aren’t as immediate as the small stuff.

Let me give you a couple of examples from my life in the last few days.  My husband is an amazing man, who makes unbelievable sacrifices for our family on a daily basis.  Because of his work schedule and our girls’ early bedtimes, he only gets to spend about two hours a day with them during the week.  This makes for a bit of a transition period on the weekends when he is home all day.  Avy, our two year old, usually has to get used to daddy being part of the schedule, which takes until early afternoon on Saturdays.

This situation can make for some hurt feelings and temper tantrums.  Justin, my husband, can’t understand why Avy, who is fine with him during the week, is standoffish all of a sudden.  Avy can’t understand why daddy is suddenly in the middle of our normal, daily routine.  This past Saturday there was a particularly difficult moment when Avy told Justin to “go away, daddy”.  I saw his heart break all over his face.  And I did the only thing I knew to do…pray. 

My fervent, specific prayer for healing in their relationship was answered within the hour as they splashed happily in the swimming pool together.  Not an hour after I prayed that prayer, Avy was waving goodbye to me and her little sister so that she and daddy could play alone together. 

Also, this weekend, I started praying about Avy’s eating habits.  Up until she was 18 months old she ate everything in sight.  Since then if it isn’t chicken and fries or ice cream, the child wants nothing to do with it.  At my wits end, I finally started praying about her eating.  Wouldn’t you know, today I got her to try a completely new sandwich, a homemade smoothie with spinach in it and she asked for broccoli and carrots for dinner.

These may not seem like big things to you, but in my life, they are huge.  And that is the point I’m trying to make.  God loves us.  He cares for us.  He wants good things for us.  And when we ask Him for things that are good, and perfect, and in His will for our lives, He gives them abundantly.  He knows what things are big to us, even if others see them as trivial.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all my small prayers get answered.  When I ask God to please just let Scarlett, my one year old, go to sleep or when I ask Him to make a traffic jam go away, He’s oddly silent.  Why?  In my case, it is usually because I am learning something from the crying baby or the long line of cars.  In your case, it may be different.  But there is a reason, even when God doesn’t answer us…or when He says no.

I find that the more I align my will with His, the more my little prayers reflect things that He gives me without delay.  If I had prayed, “God please let my stubborn husband and my willful child understand each other,” the situation may have ended differently.  Instead, though, I prayed for healing in their relationship, which is something that God readily wants us to have.  I prayed for health for my child, and He provided.

There is nothing too small for you to bring before the Heavenly Father.  And when your heart is right, and Jesus is the focus of your life, you will find that your prayers seem to get answered often.   God’s answer to our minor concerns is also a promise that He hears us and will answer our major concerns as well.

Love Jesus.  Align your will with His.  Bring your cares before the Lord.  And hear Him when He answers.

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