I Need Him

Another great insight from Elizabeth Brock…


Over the years, experience has revealed to me that not only do I live in a world called Procrastinationville, I am its queen.  All day, I have been putting off writing this blog.  I was whining to my mother about not having anything to write about.  In her infinite wisdom she said calmly, “Write about what you’ve been learning.”

Great idea.

Unfortunately, I haven’t felt like I’ve been learning anything recently.  Primarily because I have skipped my quiet time with the Lord for the past four days. Sure, I’ve been to church and participated in corporate worship.  I’ve prayed aloud in my car.  I’ve even talked about God and how much I love Him.  But in terms of digging into His Word? No, for the past four days I have missed that.

So upon sitting down to type this very manuscript, I discovered that though I had lazily skipped my time with Him this week, He has not skipped over me.  He is still teaching me even though I have been the worst of listeners.

What is He teaching me?

That I need Him.  That I need Him more than I need sleep.  More than I need food or water.  I need Him more than I need my lungs to keep filling with oxygen.  Four days is four too many to go without meeting with Him on a personal level.  In these past four days I can look at myself and know that I have not been complete.

Corporate worship is wonderful and yesterday seemed especially great, but it is not enough.  And the truth is nothing will ever be enough.  I will always thirst and hunger for Him until the day I get to see Him face to face.

We all need both.  We all need the corporate worship with the body of Christ and we all need the personal, one-on-one time with our Savior.  A friend of mine made a powerful statement yesterday in Sunday School: “I am finding that the more time I spend in His word, the more hungry I become for more of Him.”

So if you are struggling with getting into the habit of having personal time with the Lord, I challenge you to start today! If you are like me and have skipped a few days in your personal time with the Lord, change that today!

I am.  I can’t wait any longer to go and talk to my Savior. As soon as I get up from this computer, I am going out to our porch swing with my Bible in tow.  Because I need Him.

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