All that Glitters

Another great insight from contributing blogger, Elizabeth Brock…

If you don’t know me that well, here is a fun fact for you: I love old things.  Old cars, old furniture, old people—I relish anything that has a story.  This past weekend I was given the bittersweet privilege of going through some of my late great-grandmother’s costume jewelry.  My grandparents had come up for the weekend and brought the jewelry for me and my mom to go through and pick out a few pieces. I sat at our table, ceremoniously going through every piece.  I wondered where Grandma Jensia had been when she picked them out, where she’d worn them, how many compliments she had received.  Each piece of jewelry was a piece of my great-grandmother.

But as I sat there and looked at the jewelry, I noticed something.  None of them were real gold and the shine that I’m sure had once existed was now faded.  A few pieces desperately needed to be cleaned.  Some were cracked or missing stones and a few were lockets filled with old, unfortunate smelling perfume.   In all honesty, they had no monetary value.  They looked no different than any other piece of costume jewelry found in any other antique store.  To anyone else, they were worthless. 

But they were hers.  That is what made them valuable to me.  That is why I loved them.

The jewelry represents me.  I am nothing special.  I am not even real gold.  I am cracked and faded and in need of a good clean all the time. 

But I am His.

The God of the Universe owns me.  He is what makes me valuable.  He is the One who gives me purpose.  He is my significance. 

This week, don’t forget where your significance lies.  If you are a child of God, it matters not how banged up and broken you look or feel.  You are worth something because He loves you.  He is your significance.

If you have never made that decision to follow Christ and let Him be Lord over your life, you are missing out.  He is the only One who can fill you up and make you whole.  He does not add value to your life, He is the value. 

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