Invest and Invite…This Sunday, September 9!!

Thank you to Bro. John for this reminder…

In a summer sermon series, we introduced into the Highland conversation the words “invest, and invite.” Now those words are on signs around our building. However, they were never intended to be just a sermon series or a banner. They represent a movement, a change in wind direction, a new atmosphere. Each of us has a natural network of relationships to which God has strategically connected us. Investing in those lives and inviting them to join us when we gather for Bible study and Worship is a simple, non-threatening way to walk out the Great Commission.

Investing in others and inviting them to join us should be the constant habit of our lives, but occasionally we need to be challenged to do that together. This Sunday, September 9 is going to be one of those days of concentrated focus. On April 15, the day Unite began, several people were invited by friends. Many of them stayed and have gotten connected. I believe that can happen again this week, so I am asking you to take the challenge seriously. Invite someone to be your guest at Highland this week.

As always, we will gather at 8:45. Our guests need you to be here for those first fifteen minutes of fellowship. That is when conversations happen, connections are made, and relationships begin. Please make it a priority to be here early this week (even if it is not your normal habit).

When it gets time for small groups, at least three new ones will begin. The group led by Phil Flannigan and Scott Clark will launch a brand new couples’ group. Scott Clark and David Brown will lead the new group and Phil will be joined by Johnny Deaton and Justin James. There will also be at least two new college small groups. It is going to be exciting.

April 15 and the beginning of Unite changed the conversation at Highland and moved our young adult ministry to a brand new level. If the Lord has used it to bless your life, sharing it with someone else should be your natural response. I am praying for you as you invite your friends this week and I look forward to meeting them. My prayer is that September 9, changes the conversation again.


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