In Everything that I Do…

Last week, in all the craziness of Thanksgiving and cooking meals and getting where we were supposed to be on time, we had some stressful moments in our week.  After all, just sitting in our living room trying to decide what game to play or what episode of Barney to watch can be taxing with a one year old and a two year old.  My remedy for stressful moments, last week and usually (when I remember), is to sing hymns and worship songs.  Avy and Scarlett, my daughters, usually calm down when we sing and have a good time with it.

However, at one point last week, Avy, my two year old, was stretched to the breaking point over something.  I started singing “Jesus Loves Me” and I invited her to sing with me.  She flung herself face down on the floor and said, “NO! Mommy not sing!!”  I said, “But, Avy, we’re singing about Jesus.”  Without even looking up from her facedown pout session, she yelled, “I NOT LIKE JESUS RIGHT NOW!!”

It was all I could do to keep a straight face, and I could almost feel the rumblings of laughter pealing through Heaven.  It was almost sweet in its own blatantly honest, borderline blasphemous kind of way.  Eventually she got calmed down and we did sing Jesus loves me at the end of which she tagged on an “I love you, Jesus.”

But the whole scene got my sanctified imagination rolling.  How many times are there in my life when I blatantly, rudely, downright blasphemously, tell Jesus that I don’t want him interfering in what I’m doing right now?  No, God…I don’t want you to be here while I’m spending time with my friends.  Not now, Jesus…I’m watching a movie.  Sorry, Lord…you aren’t welcome in my decision about how to spend my Saturday afternoon. 

While I make a thousand decisions a day that are neither good nor bad in their own way, are they things that I am letting Jesus be the focus of?  Or am I too busy doing it my way, that I refuse to let those things be an opportunity to praise God?

What I fail to remember is that letting Jesus into every moment of my life won’t necessarily change decisions like what I will eat for lunch.  He won’t demand that I never do anything enjoyable for myself.  He won’t ask me to give up my thirty minutes of watching TV with my husband after the girls go to bed every night.  And if he does ask me to sacrifice these things it will be for something better…something that gives me a bigger return, spiritually and physically.

How often do I forget that every breath I take is an opportunity to praise my Creator, my Father, my Sustainer, my Healer, my Friend…

Today, it is my prayer that God will remind me that when He knocks on the door of my heart, my mind, my consciousness, asking to be let it, it isn’t to spoil the party.  He just wants to be here with me all the time because He loves me.  And I should want that too, because I love Him.

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